Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yes, Virginia, slates do exist

A letter in today’s Record from New Westminster resident MaryAnn Mortensen (who, by the way, is not a Voice member) nicely counters the notion that a strong voice for accountability and transparency in civic affairs, and offering critical analysis of the issues facing our community, is not the same thing as being “negative” as some who are clearly very uncomfortable with the mere existence of Voice have simplistically tried to portray.

As Mortensen states in her letter, before moving to B.C. 13 years ago she lived in a much larger city where no one questioned the existence of municipal election slates or “dubbed them as negative because they opposed those in power.”

Despite the fact that the District Labour Council has run highly organized and well-resourced slates and slate campaigns in New Westminster for many years (all the while pretending their candidates are all “independents”), New Westminster remains a notable exception in the world of civic politics in maintaining the illusion and pretense that organized election slates don’t exist in the community.

Our thanks to MaryAnn Mortensen for weighing in on the subject and for addressing the question of slates thoughtfully and eloquently.


Newoot said...

I saw Mortenson's letter online in the paper so I googled your site.
I couldn't agree with Mortenson more. Whether Voice is negative or not, it has been branded as such, and must overcome the label.
Those who are spooked by Voice, and there are many, will continue in their efforts to discredit Voice.
Keep up the good work, change does not come easy.
Change is needed, New West, it's Forrest Gump-like mayor, and it's social engineering council majority whackjobs, are in a headlong race to bring the city to the top in taxes and debt.

Inside out. said...

A well thought out letter.
Indeed, despite being largely ignored by the MSM, Voice has brought substantive change to the political process. I know, I work for the City. What goes on behind the scenes would make your hair curl.
Look no further than the pier park debacle and the wasting of millions
of $$$$$$$$.

Johny said...

Ms. Morteson could not have said it any better! I think she should consider public office!

Samantha said...

Too many of the Royal City's elected have been in place for too long and have literally started to think of themselves as royalty and above being questioned. Good for Voice for having the courage to stand up and point out that these emporers aren't wearing any clothes. There's nothing negative about stating the truth and pointing out the failings of those holding public office and holding them to account. It's called democracy.

longtime city resident said...

Great letter! Kudos to Ms. Mortenson for putting to pen what so many have already been thinking.

What I find to be grossly unfair and what puzzles me most is how a negative label can be successfully marketed without showing any evidence of the negativity. You know I cannot help but wonder how it is that asking relevant questions about civic issues and demanding accountability from our elected representatives is a negative!

The point, Ms. Mortenson's point, is that it is NOT negative! In my books, it is a reasonable and responsible action that many would call 'democracy in action'! Keep up the good work Voice! I lost patience and faith with this Mayor and Council before the last election and I hear more and more of the same all the time. They are nice people to your face but they do not serve or represent us well. We will not miss them when they are out of office.